Preparing to go to France!

Well, the time has come that this artist residency is a reality, not just a mythical future trip. That’s right, in just over two weeks, I’ll be on a plane to France, then a bus to Paris, then a train to Nogent-sur-Seine, and then at the CAMAC arts center in Marnay-sur-Seine. So this month I’ve been thinking about a variety of things, such as:

-cell phones, namely do I need to get one before I go?

-iPad or laptop?

-should I buy a travel alarm clock?

-which art supplies should I ship and which should I try to carry in my luggage?

-will I forget every word of French I’ve learned when I get there???

I have to admit that conversation with me lately has been a bit one-topic. Sorry folks. Or I wake up, sit straight up in my bed, and think, “I must remember XXX!!!” This is a different item by the day, some of which I remember when I have paper nearby and some which I don’t, and which wake me up a different day sometime later.

So this is my inaugural blog post, which I plan to update daily (or as daily as I can manage) while I’m in France, and continue to update (perhaps sporadically) when I get back with other updates in my artwork. So stay tuned!

And thanks again for all my Kickstarter supporters, named below. I couldn’t have done it without you all!!!!

Tina Alston

Damon Brennen

Joelene Capestany

Rowena DeMayo

Katie Deisinger

Valerie Deisinger

Norris Edwards

Jori Foreman

Keri Hake

Anna Haak

Ron and Jacque Hines

Lee Hines

Mileva Huljev

Jeff Johnson

Peter Jurek

Renee Krystek

Paul Dove Lempke

Cathy Mini

Tisha Mitrovich

Janet Mattson

David Ressman

David Rodriguez

Andy Rohr

Colleen Ryan

Shannon Stairhime

Amelia Todd

I couldn’t have made my Kickstarter fundraising goal without their support! And thank you to everyone for helping to spread the word and for your well wishes!

To see my Kickstarter campaign, complete with video, go here: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/2061604664/opportunity-for-an-artist-residency-in-france

And stay tuned for more from my last few weeks of preparation, and from the residency itself!



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