The end (or beginning?) is near

So I have only one full day left before I bon voyage on a plane to France. I’m finishing up my packing, separating out my 3 oz. or less toiletries into baggage or carry-on piles, water proofing my coats/shoes, deciding how many clothes I’ll really need, and of course, having bon voyage drinks with friends in the Orbit Room in Logan Square. I know, the stories will be more interesting when I return. So we’ll do another outing in December (stay tuned!)…

I also took a Digital SLR camera class yesterday at the Chicago Photography Academy to learn how to use my camera a little better. I wanted to sign up before I left, since I am taking my camera with me to France, but yesterday was the only day they had open, so I must say it’s been a busy weekend! But at least now I remember a little more about aperture, ISO, and shutter speed to speed me along my way to better photos in France. Maybe I’ll feel inspired to do a series of art photography while I’m there… otherwise, you may just get some really pretty scenic shots of Paris and the French countryside. A win-win situation if you ask me.

I’ve decided to do mostly e-reading while I’m gone, limiting myself to three real books (that’s a small number for me, being such an avid reader) because I figure sometimes I’ll want to take one with me somewhere where I won’t want to carry an iPad. But the rest will be ebooks on my iPad, which will be a new experience for me since this will be my first trip into reading books on a screen rather than paper. First up, The Cave by Jose Saramago that I checked out from the library, which has a decent selection of ebooks for free. Thanks Chicago Public.  David is also helping me put some movies onto my iPad so I don’t feel that I’ll be lacking in entertainment when I tire myself out in art-making.

In other news, I shipped a huge package of rolled drawing paper (4′ wide rolls, yay!) and some colored inks that arrived in France before I do (this caused some confusion with the postmaster when I was sending a package to myself in France but with myself in America as the return address). So even if my luggage gets lost, I already have some supplies in France ready to begin! I’ve only had my luggage get lost once (on my way back from Morocco) and it WENT to France, so perhaps that’s karma that my luggage will always get to France no problem, even when my ticket says otherwise. If that’s true, then no worries that my luggage and I will arrive in France together safely as planned.

So the plan for the first day is to fly out of O’Hare to Paris, catch the train from the airport into Paris proper to the Gare l’Est station, and catch a train to Nogent-sur-Seine. From there, I will get picked up by the CAMAC staff for a ride to Marnay-sur-Seine, the town where the art center is and where I’ll be calling home for the next few weeks. If all goes on time, I’ll be there by Wednesday afternoon Paris time. I’ll write more then…

so, until Wednesday….



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