And so it begins

After a relatively normal direct flight from Chicago O’Hare airport to Paris, a train from the airport to Gare du Nord station, a very tiring and convoluted walk and Metro ride to Gare de L’est station (in which I got lost due to conflicting directions, so I kept going in circles and had to keep carrying my heavy suitcase up and down flights of stairs), a train to Nogent sur Seine, and a bus to Marnay sur Seine, I’m here! I have multiple bruises and sore muscles from lugging my suitcase all around, plus a high level of exhaustion, but tomorrow I’ll be ready to get started and explore. CAMAC is in an old monastery right on the river in a small town. The grounds are lovely and I have my own room, bathroom, and studio space. I’ve been told there are about 6 other artists here with me, most from other countries and doing art projects in a variety of mediums, most of whom I’ll meet at dinner tonight. At least I know I’ll learn about new artists, artwork and cultures! I took a walk down the street and saw the Seine, some cows, and a grove of trees, plus the cat who lives on the grounds. I’ll sign off for now since my brain feels like mush, but here are a few pictures…










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