On feeling like I’m a toddler

Other than being able to walk normally, being in a foreign country can really make you feel like a toddler. I can’t talk in coherent complete sentences, riding a bike without swerving is difficult (especially since I haven’t been on a bike since I was maybe 12?), and if someone with you knows French or their way around it’s easy to depend on them to help you navigate. So this morning we biked along the Seine to Nogent sur Seine to shop and look around. I got some sausage, cheese, and cookies to snack on at “home”, then went to a creperie where I had a tasty savory crepe with cheese, ham, and egg. Got back in the afternoon and headed to my studio to draw. I started some ink drawings yesterday of trees that I added to today. Some of the trees here have these leaf tufts like little puff balls that are so interesting, so those found their way into my drawing for today, as well as to my ink drawings from yesterday. I’ll continue drawing for the day, probably focussing on pencil drawings of the body that I can add to later.







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