Sunday morning

This Sunday morning I took it easy. Even though weather.com keeps saying rain, the weather has been sunny most days with some occasional clouds. Last nite I made dinner for the group (potato hash with beef, peppers, onions, chives, and topped with creme fraiche), then did a little more drawing before retiring to read. I just spent some time outside in the sun in our courtyard sketching, and will hopefully implement that imagery into little finished and abstracted drawings, which is how my day went yesterday. If the weather holds, I’ll probably bike to the town Nogent sur Seine again with another resident since the museum is open today. Other than that, it might be a relaxing day. So far I’ve been drawing in preparation to add more to each page, so don’t have much finished yet but have a lot of pages started. Hopefully that’ll mean I’ll have a lot of things done at once when the time comes. So since I’ve been doing sketching all morning, here is a page from my sketchbook. They’re all little vignettes of the things I see around me. The other image is where I was sitting in the courtyard. See the sun?! What a lovely November!




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