The start of the new week

At the start of the new week, I find myself frustrated. My Internet keeps not working, I just lost my entire blog post after being almost done, and for some reason my programs keep crashing on my iPad. This means it takes me twice as long to do everything. It’s also a very cool and overcast day, so that’s not helping, and my room is freezing. Luckily the rest of my area is warmer, so after I send this I’ll get some tea and go to my studio, which is warmer than my room for some reason. As for my art, I’m still plugging along and trying to find my direction. I’ve done about 12 pencil figure drawings that I plan to add ink and color to later, and have two figure drawings done on larger paper that I hope to add ink to soon. I’d like to get some more done first. I didn’t end up going to town or the museum yesterday, but did end up finishing a small series of drawings based on the sketches I did outside the last few days. While today is bad weather, it’s supposed to get nicer and we have a picnic on the horizon later in the week. So I thought I’d send pics of the series of drawings since I consider them finished. Today I’m working on more pencil drawings of figures, as well as a related series of drawings to the attached pictures. Enjoy, and feel free to comment!






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