Fraudulent claims

I realized that originally I had said I would do a drawing a day and post the drawing on this blog, so some of you may have felt cheated the last few days when I posted an image from my sketchbook and some finished drawings. It’s not that I’m not working, I’ve been drawing every day. But I do feel that restricting myself to an arbitrary “drawing a day” means I feel I have to do a one-off random drawing rather than one that fits into the language I’m developing. It seems I like to work in series rather than single drawings, so when I’m developing my drawing and visual language, I always seem to do five or more similar drawings so I can really figure out what I’m showing. So what I’m saying is that I’ll still be posting drawings every day, but I’m going to stick with a less restrictive idea rather than my “drawing a day” idea. Hope everyone’s okay with that, and that you enjoy the images I do put up.

So I also thought I’d give you some general observations of my time here. Today is overcast and misty again, but I don’t mind that because it has helped me get into a groove for studio practice. I already feel like I’ve accomplished a lot and it’s just past noon. I did laundry today, a quick 30 minute wash but, yes, you guessed it, no dryer. So currently I have my clothes drying all over my room. Luckily my heat is working well now so I’m hoping they’ll all be dry by dinner time or so. I also forget how dark it can get outside of an urban setting. Since it gets dark before dinner time, I have to remember to bring a flashlight with me because dinner is in the building next to me and it’s very dark, and if it’s cloudy with no moon, I can’t see where I’m going. Last note, stinky cheese is not a myth here in France, but what I’ll never understand is how stinky cheese can taste so good.

Pictures for today are based on some sketches I made from a pile of pots under our stairwell. Granted, that was just inspiration for these more abstracted forms. Hope you enjoy my series of six I finished last night. Today I will finish making my pencil figure drawings and start adding ink, as well as do some more abstracted color drawings like what I’m posting here. Stay tuned…








2 thoughts on “Fraudulent claims

  1. Jen, an iPhone [or possibly iPad?] doubles as flashlight in a pinch.
    Don’t go to dinner in dark without one[or something] to light the path!

    Unc Lee

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