The sun is back

What a beautiful day today, the sun is out and I feel almost guilty to be in my studio, but am making great progress so at the same time, I want and need to be in there working. I thought I’d break for lunch soon and take a walk to nearby Pont sur Seine, a small town about a half hour walk. My progress in the studio is coming from losing some of my fear of messing up what I’d started. I’ve spent most of a week doing pencil drawings of the body that I’d planned on adding ink and color to later, but until last night, I hadn’t wanted to ruin the drawings by adding something I didn’t like. That’s always the problem with moving into new visual territory, you don’t know where you’re going yet so there will be mishaps and failures, so my drawings I’d started had become precious because I’d spent time on them and didn’t want to redo them if I messed them up. But last night I made progress by adding some new imagery to my figure drawings. I’ve attached pictures of the four I made. I was inspired on one of my river walks by these disorderly piles of bricks and shingles, so started making sketches of them. I’ve combined that imagery with the figure drawings I was doing, thinking about tension and balance. Thoughts? Also including a picture from my window of a swan floating by on this beautiful day.







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