With current technology, it seems that anything can be done anywhere, even in a remote French town of 250 inhabitants. However, for the last 15 or so hours, the Internet has not been working, which can cause quite a problem for my current way of working. I downloaded a kindle book from the library, but since I can’t sync my iPad with my laptop, I was reading it on this amazon cloud reader, that even though it lets me “pin” books for offline viewing, I have to use the Internet to open the reader. So that’s fail #1, no reading my book last night. I also can’t call or send messages to anyone at home through Skype or FaceTime, and of course cant send or receive email. So that’s fail #2. I also have been using the Internet to look at photos for reference or inspiration in my work. I am using Dropbox as an Internet drive in which I can share pictures between my computer at home and my iPad. Luckily I had already selected some of these as my “favorites” so I have those for offline viewing, but the rest, as well as any I was viewing through google images or web searches, are gone until the web is back. So there’s fail #3. And lastly, I can’t even update my blog without the Internet. So I’m typing this in the hopes that when the CAMAC office opens at 9 am, they’ll fix it and I can upload this rambling (update: they did fix it, yay!). So basically in this day and age, it’s hard to work from a very rural area without modern conveniences, and this morning I feel very disconnected. It’s amazing how getting emails and hearing from people in my normal world makes me feel at home all the way over here in France. At least the other residents are friendly, and in the next week or so we’re hoping to travel to nearby Troyes by the bus and maybe go to a champagne tasting at a nearby vineyard if we get the transportation worked out.

Yesterday the weather was lovely, so a few of us took a walk to nearby Pont sur Seine, but unfortunately when we got there everything, including the bakery that had been talked up by a co-resident, was closed. We still got a feel for the town and it was a nice day for a walk. Today the weather looks sad and foggy, but I’m hoping it’ll burn off so I can try to go to the botanical gardens or do a picnic. As for work, I am adding animal imagery to the larger pencil drawings, similar to some of the drawings I showed back in March at Morning Glory Studios in my flora and fauna show. I’ve been wanting to revisit those for a while so I’m glad I finally get a chance. I’m including images of three of these drawings, plus some of the pretty scenery shots I took on my walk yesterday.









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