Outdoor frenzy

Today was a very frolicky Saturday since its sunny and 60 degrees! Me and two other residents got up early today to bike to Nogent for the outdoor farmers market and supplies. It was cool this morning so we were bundled up, but then we warmed up with the bike ride. There were a lot of ruts, rocks, and puddles to steer around but I feel much more comfortable on the bike now. At the market we bought some vegetables and treats (I got cookies and artichokes) since we’re all planning a little dinner party amongst ourselves tonite. The cook only works Monday through Friday so we are on our own for the weekend, and he even left for Paris for the weekend, so the kitchen is ours. We also got a croissant at a bakery, and went on a quest for thumbtacks so we can hang our work up on the wall in our studios. Luckily Helen, the Canadian resident, speaks french well since none of us knew what “thumb tack” is in french. After our market shopping, we went to the botanical gardens again for a little bit to take more photos, this time with full battery and sunlight. The day was so nice that I ended up sitting in the yard doing some sketching for the series of abstracted line drawings. So all this activity means that I don’t have new work to show you yet today, although after a cup of tea I will be finishing my body pencil drawings and starting the ink animal portions on them tonight. So hopefully something to look forward to tomorrow.

The pictures I’m including are more from the botanical garden, as well as from our shopping trip in Nogent and the nice day.









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