Breaks between food

I feel like my work time for my artwork ends up being just the breaks between meals and snacks, and since the kitchen is in the other building, I find that if I need a breather or change of scenery I end up going over to get some hot tea, or some cheese, or an orange. That means that my entire day is broken up by when I eat. My current schedule is to get up a little early (8 am, that’s early for me when I don’t have to work) and work for a few hours, then get a late breakfast between 10 and 11:30-ish, and return to work. I usually eat lunch somewhere around 230-3, after I get a few more hours of work in. Dinner is always at 7pm here, and so far even on the weekends when the cook isn’t here or making our food, we’ve sort of stuck to that schedule since everyone knows when to show up. We chat for a bit, clean up the kitchen, and then I try to get another hour or two of work done before I retire to my room to read, call or email home, play wurdle, or otherwise entertain myself. And then I usually go to sleep between midnight and one… So that’s been my general work schedule, which so far has been pretty effective. Of course, on lovely sunny days like yesterday when we bike to Nogent, go to the botanical gardens, or plan some other outing, the schedule changes. Today started out cloudy and a little foggy over the river, so I worked on some mellow simple drawings. Now the sun has come out for the afternoon and I’m working on doing the ink portion of my animal drawings, hopefully I’ll finish today or tomorrow morning and can post the pictures tomorrow. I did finish my second, or extended, series of small abstract drawings based on my botanical gardens sketches, so I am including pictures of those for your viewing pleasure. Au revoir!






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