The almost halfway point

Tomorrow marks my halfway point in the residency, and I feel good about what I’ve done, but also a little nervous. Most of what I’ve done so far was working further with a theme I started previously, but now I am starting to work on new ideas, and two weeks just seems so small for developing a new body of work! I think part of this nervousness is because I’ve only just started, or seen the tip of the iceberg on what I want to do or need to explore. So there’s a lot out there and I’ve only just begun, hence the nervousness of my halfway point. However, since currently my day job is to work on my art, I forget the pace in which I can complete things is much greater than normal when I have to work it in at night and on weekends. So I’m telling myself there’s hope.

Yesterday after dinner we shared images of our artwork, discussed the difficulty in maintaining your artistic vision amid all the commercial outlets and other voices who are trying to steer you in their direction, and how to recognize and follow our own genius (Emerson even got read aloud for some inspirational quotes). Overall it was a very interesting and comforting discussion because it made me realize that I am not in this fight alone, and that all great artists struggle to find the best way to express themselves and find their own voice among the noise. We all feel compelled to show the world something, we just don’t always know the why or the how of it. Then we went up to the studio of Maria, one of the artists here from Buenos Aires Argentina, to see and talk about what she is currently working on, and also listened to some good music.

The pictures I am including are more animal drawings, the last of their kind from the series. I may revisit the idea again, but in a slightly different way perhaps. We’ll see… Also an image from my window, today started out cloudy, then got sunny, and now it’s just 4pm and this fog just rolled in. The church bell across the street that rings on the hour seems like a fog horn now….







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