Sunny surprise

Today started out cloudy, but I wasn’t too upset because I have a goal to get a lot done today since me and another resident will be going to Paris tomorrow and Thursday, so I won’t have as much time to get drawing done for the next few days. I was working diligently when I turned around and wow, the sun is out and there’s not a cloud in the sky. So I am including a few more pictures of the town in the sun for your viewing pleasure.

I want to be able to start a new series of work, but to start I have to do more pencil drawings of the body. Today I’ve already got four small ones done that I can experiment on, and if the idea in my head comes out well on these drawings, I plan to do a similar series large scale. But of course I’m testing it small first. The other surprise today is that I’m having one of those days where my drawings are coming out perfect and more accurate. I’m including one that I drew of my face that so far is my best one yet in that it looks just like me! I’m assuming some of this improvement is because I’m practicing much more than I have in years, but I think today the stars are just aligned right and all my lines are speaking the truth. It’s making it very easy to get things done. I’ve also been listening to Girl Talk and for some reason the music was energizing me too. I plan to get a few more body drawings done today and start finishing them when I return from Paris.

The last pictures I’m including are more images from what I’m calling my “balance” series where precarious stacks of bricks and such are combined with the body. This is one direction I want to head with the current drawings I’m starting as well as a series of photos, but I’m not yet sure where they’re going… We’ll see…












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