Back from Paris

Well, I’m back from my two day trip to Paris! Had a very lovely and inspirational time, saw parts of the city I’ve never seen, walked altogether too much, realized that it’s much nicer to visit Paris when it’s not high tourist season, saw hundreds of masterpieces, and basically had a great time. Maria, another resident at CAMAC, and I got up early on Wednesday and caught the bus in Marnay to the train station in Nogent, and took the train to Paris’s Gare du L’est station. We were in Paris by 10am and proceeded to walk south from the station all the way to the Seine, walked around, went to see the Dian Arbus photography show at the Jeu d’Paume, then went on a quest for lunch. The problem with Paris for unobservant museum goers is that all cafes stop serving food at 2pm, so if you go to a museum you might miss lunch, which we did… We walked around St. Germaine du Pres and saw lots of great art galleries in the Beaux Arts district, and finally ended up at a pizza joint not far from Notre Dame for a late lunch. Then we went to Notre Dame to see the inside because when I came to Paris last year, the lines were so long with tourists that we decided to not go inside. But for us yesterday, we walked right in, which made me realize that it really was high tourist season over New Years when I was here last. We then walked around forever, past some great shops and galleries and onto our room for the night, which was past the Bastille neighborhood, where I’d never been. We stopped at a cheese shop and bought some amazing Brie cheese, then found an outdoor market and bought some olives and wine, then to the boulangerie (bakery) for a baguette and citron tarte for dessert. We found our way to the tiny cluttered studio that a friend was nice enough to loan us for the night and ate our feast, drank our wine, and chatted until we were tired. Got up this morning and grabbed breakfast at another bakery (I had an apple tarte thing) and went to the Louvre. We actually spent all day there seeing so many amazing pieces of art. We tired ourselves out and ate a sandwich at the museum cafe and took the metro to catch our train, then ended up taking a lovely walk home to CAMAC and made it back just in time for dinner. So an amazing retreat, but I’m looking forward to a nice bath and perhaps a little sketching before bed. I’m including some pictures, although the caveat is that I tend to take pictures not just of the regular tourist sights but of things I find interesting that I see…. So enjoy!











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