New direction

As you may have noticed, some of the images of my work I’ve posted seem to be in a bit of a new direction, with blocks stacked precariously or pottery piled in strange configurations. Perhaps you’re saying, “hey Jennifer, where are the trees?”. Well, despite being very different, this new imagery still covers similar concepts, including identity and how we as people interact with the world and our environment. So the combining of these strange and precarious stacks of objects feels similar conceptually, and also hearkens back to my early printmaking roots of pattern, repeated forms, invented spaces and textures…. So maybe it’s all coming full circle. As I said previously, with these new pieces I’m thinking of balance, both in a literal sense of staying upright or toppling over, but also in a personal sense and how we balance all the things in our lives. The world throws many things, events, emotions, and people at us and we have to process it all, make it work for us, fit it all in or take what we can and reject the rest, in order to move forward in our lives. How we do this and what we encounter makes us who we are, and reflects and enforces our identities. So not dissimilar from the idea of personal growth, which was the crux of my plant and tree pieces. Anyway, here’s a piece I just finished. I’m not 100% sure where I’m going with these or if they work, but I’m having fun exploring at least. Comments are welcome, and more will come tomorrow.



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