Today I woke up and it was sunny! Which made it a little hard to get up and go to my studio and work, but I have so much I want to do. We’re having an open studio for the community to come see what we’re all working on and it’s just a week away from tomorrow! But that also means I only have just over a week left total here, since I’m leaving Tuesday November 29 to head to Paris for my last few days before I fly home. Yikes! So I want to make sure I have at least more done on my new body of work I’m testing out. I also might try to work larger which means that each piece may take longer… So I did force myself to work this morning and we all planned to go on a picnic in the late afternoon. Of course, the minute we packed our sandwiches and headed out, the sun was hiding behind clouds but we went anyway. It was still relatively warm (sweaters, no coats) and we hiked over some cleared hay fields and back roads until we found a good spot in a field that had the least amount of thistles and stickers. We had a nice time, chatting and drinking wine with our sandwiches. Then we headed back for more work before dinner. In addition to a quiche and salad, we had a Latin-inspired evening with arroz con leche (rice pudding) that two residents made, some Mexican and salsa music, and some tango lessons. As for work, I did finish the series of six that I posted one image from last night. These images have the blocks inside the body, showing how we ingest what we encounter and attempt to process it and organize it to balance ourselves. Also a few images from the picnic with my co-residents. And just a note, the sky cleared up again but there’s no moon up yet and the stars, complete with Milky Way, are out and shining in all their splendor. So beautiful…









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