Lazy sunny Sunday

Today was again a gorgeous day, and I’m beginning to feel spoiled, but also a little guilty when I don’t take advantage of the nice weather since I know it will be gone soon and Chicago weather will be worse. Today I had grand plans and got some of them done, but I did take a lovely walk by the Seine and did a bunch of sketching, as well as try to set up several other pieces that will be a collage and a photo series. I did some figure drawing before lunch, then went on my walk and did sketching, then worked on cutting out pieces for the two series previously mentioned so I can work on those later tonight and tomorrow. I’m about to go help cook some dinner since we share the responsibility on weekends. I feel very lazy and contemplative, so I also may take my sketches and do another series of abstracted line drawings, since those are sort of meditative and relaxing. So as you can see, I have a lot of things I have started or plan to work on, including a few large pieces, so I feel less focused since I want to get them all done at once. Now that my creative juices are flowing and my time is drawing to a close, I feel over-inspired! But I’m hoping some of these ideas I can continue to work on at home. Here are some pictures from my walk,and one of me working in my studio… Hopefully some finished pieces tomorrow!






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