Last full week

Today begins my last full week here at CAMAC, since I leave for Paris Tuesday November 29. I have got a lot done, but more importantly formed many new ideas to work on when I get home. Today is yet again a lovely day, and I finished the collage series I was working on, at least for now. I’m not sure they feel 100% finished, but they’re growing on me. The plan for today is to work on my photo series and begin larger-sized pencil drawings of the body as a base for more of these block balance drawings. I also began tracing a form on my super large roll paper too and plan to fill it with blocks, so that will take me quite a while since it is life size. It’s hard to begin these more ambitious projects since my time is drawing to a close and I know that the possibilities to create some things are much more limited. And of course, I brought too much of some supplies. I haven’t done much painting, so my water colors and acrylics remain mostly untouched. I also have way more paper than I realized, because I shipped two large rolls here before I came, and I have more larger sheets than I thought, plus another medium sized bound book of paper. I hope to at least use some of the roll paper and the larger sheets. Then the question is, when i return home, what do I leave and what do I take with me? Is it worth the materials to ship them and pay for the post and hassle? I’m thinking not unless it’s artwork since I can rebuy more materials when I get home. Some needy resident will want to use it I’m sure. We’ll see what makes the cut.

Today as a unique project, some residents and I helping create an artwork for another resident by recording ourselves reading the same Pablo Neruda poem out loud, but in a language that is not our native tongue. I’ll be reading it in Spanish. The intent is to combine all four readings and overlap them as a way to discuss language, translation, the sound of language, and emphasis of words when speaking. The finished artwork will be a sound/audio piece. It should be fun and interesting to help.

Now I’m off to create some artwork and do some drawing, because I still have a lot I’d like to start before I return to a normal schedule at home and have less time for my artwork. Enjoy the collage pictures.






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