I’ve been holed up in my studio despite the nice day (again), but am feeling productive so it’s a good thing even though the weather is about to turn into real November weather. Last night and today I spent a lot of time drawing those blocks inside a form on a larger scale, repeating the same shapes over and over and trying to avoid too similar of a pattern. Many many many blocks my pencil has drawn. This is the life-size image I was talking about, but I’m starting with just an outline rather than a realistic drawing to start out. (On the to-do list when I get home is to make life-size figure drawings). When I finish, I get to ink all these many many blocks in too. So hopefully before I leave next week I’ll have that done and can send you a picture, but perhaps I’ll send progress updates as well. I’m also making decent progress on my larger realistic figure drawings that I can add to in the next few days. I have eight pieces of paper left of this certain size and color so I plan to make eight figure drawings today and tomorrow, so four a day. I think that’s doable since they take me around an hour or so each and I have nearly two done already.

Last night after dinner four of us residents did an “exquisite corpse” drawing series. The concept is to take a sheet of paper and fold it into four horizontal sections. We each drew on the top section and then folded our part over and passed it to another person. The next person doesn’t know what you’ve drawn except where your lines ended at the fold, so they use the ends of these lines to create another portion of the drawing, fold it over and pass it on again. In the end, all four of us had drawn on the picture in our own styles and ideas, and we open it up to see how they look. We chose a figure theme, so the top section was a head, second a torso or body, third a midsection and legs, and bottom the feet. I’m including one of them here for your viewing pleasure–I thought they all came out really well and interesting!

I also did some photos for a new series I’m thinking of. I really think I will develop it more when I get home, but here’s a teaser. I cut out my drawings and made cutout blocks out of colored paper and arranged them to photograph. I took one image with it arranged neatly and one after I messed it up, just for fun.








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