Today I got a slow start and made slow progress. I woke up at normal time, had breakfast and started drawing figure drawings, but was having a hard time of it. I lost my magic mojo from a few days ago, and was having a difficult time, but didn’t give up and did finish it, but I don’t feel it looks like me. I kept having to erase the eyes and nose and redraw them, but they kept coming out the same. Oh well, it’s still a nice drawing but doesn’t look how I wanted. The next one came out a little better, but I got a migraine so ended up taking a two hour nap. I’m hoping that means I’ll be awake late and can get lots done. Tomorrow we’re going on a field trip to champagne country to see some champagne production, and I think I’m going to visit Troyes on Friday because it’s difficult to travel there on the weekend, and I leave for Paris on TUESDAY! Yikes! So that means I only have a couple full days left here. We have an open studio on Sunday for residents to come look at our work, so I probably won’t have as much time to work as I’d like that day. And then it’ll just be packing. I can’t believe it’s already almost over, and now I feel like I have to cram everything in before I go. So it was unfortunate I had a migraine today and so far have got little done. Here are a few pictures from the window in the kitchen where I am currently typing this, and one of me smiling, just in case you forgot what I look like after all this time. Okay, off to work!





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