Thanksgiving and champagne

Today in the afternoon we went to a champagne production venue about 15 minutes from Marnay. After all seven of us fit in the CAMAC Citroen (yes, seven) and being warned that if we got a ticket we had to pay for it, we headed out and arrived at a family-run production called Oudard where they took us down into the cave to see the bottles fermenting and explained how they ferment the champagne, remove the sediment, bottle and cork the finished bottles, and create the lovely champagne we know and love. They also have the distillers for liquor as well. We tasted some, bought a few bottles, and crammed back in the car to head back. Now we’re in the kitchen making a traditional Thanksgiving dinner, complete with some petite turkeys, stuffing, carrots, mashed potatoes, gravy, and cranberries. Turkeys in the oven now, so should be done soon. So here I am in France, enjoying my last few days of the residency and my new friends, and being thankful for this time to focus on my artwork, explore new adventures and meet new people, and that my family and friends back home are well and happy, and that I will see them soon. Hope everyone has a great day!






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