Tomorrow we have our open studios, where members of the community can come and see our work. The residents and I also did several group projects that we are showing and need to be finished, one of which is a little circular handout with our artwork and information on it that is currently still being compiled, along with the audio piece I mentioned earlier where four of us read the same Pablo Neruda poem in four different languages. So today I spent the day inking in hundreds of small blocks in a large figure silhouette, which is my last piece that i am making here at my residency. These things always take longer than I expect, and right now I’m so close to being finished that I can almost taste it, but my hand was a bit cramped from holding a paintbrush all day and I had forgotten to update this after dinner, so here I am, resting my hand with a touch screen keyboard. My job for our handout is to punch a hole in each group of them and tie them together, so that is on the agenda first thing tomorrow, as well as finishing the inking of my last few blocks on my drawing, and hanging up all my artwork on the wall for the open studio at 3pm. It should be fine, since my drawing and the hanging of my work will only take an hour or so, which means I’ll be able to finish it by breakfast. I have two full days here left, and I am also planning to photograph my work as well as possible, since I don’t have any good lighting here, and need to pack. I will be shipping some art home I think but will probably carry it to Paris with me to mail from there so will have to still carry it on the train with me on Tuesday when I leave. While all these leaving preparations are sad because it means my time here is almost over and I have to say goodbye to all the time I have had to work on my art and the great friends I made here, I do miss some things about America, including, but not limited to: my boyfriend, dog, showers (not baths), takeout tea to warm the hands on a cold day, regular keyboards (the French one has moved the A, W, Z, and M keys, plus hidden the period under a shifted key), street lighting (well, that’s just not here in the countryside), and my favorite Logan Square hangouts. Soon to be mended of course, where I’ll have a list of the things I miss from France. The pictures are of the drawing I’m nearly finished with at two stages, the finished one will probably be posted with the rest of the open studio photos, plus a studio shot of finished art waiting to be hung properly on the walls for viewing.






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