The big shebang

The open studio was last night, which, for me at least, was the culmination of my time here, a way to show my work to community and visually see what I did here in my month and the progression of my work from day one to today. But it was also the last time I’ll be active in my studio, and what I finished yesterday morning was the last work I will do here since I am packing up studio. Yesterday I put up all my pieces on the walls, and I realized that I created a lot of work while I was here, but I also realized that I opened a door and have so much more to work on when I come home. This was a beginning in my work, not an end, so there’s something to look forward to in my work. I hope I can keep the momentum going once I return to Chicago, but first I have to get my studio space ready to use in my apartment. It is small and Rory the dog may be a little curious what I’m working on (and therefore start wiping slobber on the work), so it’s not ideal for large works. In addition to that, me and a few friends are setting up a functional printmaking studio in the next few weeks, so there will be a flurry of activity for that as well. Hopefully once we get all the equipment up and running, I can start some larger works in the space and start some print series based on the work I did here.

Tomorrow morning I will be heading to Paris on the mid-morning train to meet up with my friend Shannon for a little vacation before I return to Chicago. I have to lug all my work and luggage with me on the train and metro to the hotel, so hopefully this time I won’t get lost and run into wet white paint along the way. On the agenda, besides lots of cafes and such, are the Pompidou museum, Maison Rouge (a contemporary art museum), some galleries we find along the way, and who knows what else. I am ready for a vacation from my work, even though the work of doing my artwork is fun work. Either way, I’ve worked hard and am ready to have fun for a bit. I return to the states on Saturday…

Here are some pictures from the open house…some of my work and studio, some from the other artists, as well as the finished shot of that large figure I was talking about, all filled in with colored blocks. Enjoy!










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