Chicago, jet lag, and routine

So I’m back in Chicago after a relatively uneventful flight home (other than the fact that my flight was only about 2/3 full, I haven’t seen that in years). It was sad to leave CAMAC and my friends that I met, and it was also difficult to fit everything I made and had in my suitcase. I did leave a few things behind, but made the rest of it all fit and arranged a taxi for the morning on Tuesday, November 29 to take me to the train station so I could leave at a reasonable hour rather than at 7am. I caught a train to Paris, where I hopped on the metro lugging all of my art and suitcase/bags to the hotel my friend Shannon and I booked off the Charonne stop of the metro. I made it quicker and more easily than the last time I tried lugging my suitcase through the metro stations, but then I knew where I was going this time. Shannon was flying in from San Francisco and met me at the hotel, then we quickly went and got lunch and walked around all over the place, but in the general area of our hotel and the Bastille, so a less touristy jaunt. The following day the weather was sunny and superb, so we decided it was the best day to walk around the see the sights. We took the metro to the Eiffel Tower, walked across the Seine to it and walked up the stairs to the first and second levels. Beautiful! Then we went to the Rodin Museum’s garden, walked to the Champs E’Lysses, and enjoyed the Christmas market set up along the road. We saw the Arc de Triumph and walked and walked and walked. Over the rest of the trip, we went to the Maison Rouge contemporary art museum (amazing! I recommend this place to anyone and everyone, and their cafe is superb as well!), the Pompideu museum, and went shopping for scarves and Christmas gifts. We also got some amazing ice cream recommended to us, and had lots of great meals and wine. We walked around so much it was ridiculous… the weather was lovely almost the whole time, and we took lots of pictures. I’m including a few here for your viewing pleasure. Now I’m back in Chicago to windy coldness and leafless trees, and am ready to start my regular routine. In art news, my friend Jeremy and I, along with some other interested artists, just are in the process of setting up a printmaking studio in the Ravenswood corridor just north of Addison road. The space is big and beautiful, and we’re working on arranging the equipment, building more, and getting it all organized so we can use it soon. My other priority is to get my second bedroom/office in working order so I can continue the drawings I started at CAMAC. So that what I started on today. But I have to say that it’s nice to walk into a restaurant or other business and not have to worry about the language barrier, but I keep having to stop myself from saying Bonjour and Merci. It’s nice to have David back spoiling me since he missed me so much, but not so nice to get back to business as usual. And it’s weird to see dollar bills in my wallet again… but I’m sure I’ll adjust.


Please stay posted, I plan to continue updating this blog with art news and such as I make new work, line up shows, have studio news, or see great shows around town or on travels. So feel free to subscribe, or check back at regular intervals.


One thought on “Chicago, jet lag, and routine

  1. It was so amazingly wonderfully fantastically divine to get to see you in Paris! I’ll follow you anywhere (including the blogosphere), my dear. Cheers!

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