New beginnings at home

I can’t believe I’ve already been back nearly two weeks and haven’t made any artwork yet. That’s quite a change from what I was used to at the residency, and makes me slightly sad. However, these two weeks have been filled with preparations for new work to be created, namely the setup of my art room at the apartment, which was still a mess after moving in the early fall right before I left, and the new printmaking studio my friend Jeremy Cody, me, and some other artists are setting up. My art room is a work in progress and we’ll change the setup once we determine the best layout and storage, but at least I currently have a small table I can use and I’m ready to start some drawings! As for the print studio, Jeremy is spearheading the project to create a functional print studio named Print Zero Chicago, a sister print studio to the Seattle-based Print Zero Studios (www.printzerostudios.com). We just got the space Dec. 1st off the Ravenswood art corridor and are working to set up presses and tables, they installed a sink for us, and some industrious folk are building it out with a vacuum table for silkscreen printing, darkroom for exposing screens and such, and built in counters and storage. I can’t wait! I plan to do series of prints based on my drawings I’ve started. But first I really want to focus on pushing my drawings further and getting some new ones finished, as well as some bigger ones, and testing out my new ideas. I had some exciting (well, exciting to me) ideas today while I was driving in stop and go traffic, so I’m off to get some creative juices flowing. Enjoy the pictures of my art table and two of the print studio in progress….





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