New work for a new year

Happy new year! After a fun new year celebration with friends, I made it a priority to finish the drawings I started at CAMAC but didn’t get time to finish while there. I made ten lovely figure drawings in France for my new series “Balance” but hadn’t yet had time to add blocks to them. These were the larger ones I wanted to do but ran out of time in France, and with readjusting to being home and the holidays, just finally was able to take the time to get them to a finished state. I’ve been working hard for hours the last two days inking in the pencil outlines of blocks that I drew over Christmas weekend, so today finished four of the series. The remaining six images are close behind, I just need to add dark red outlines in the red circular blocks and color in the shading of the hollow blocks with pencil. Hopefully these last two tasks will just take a few more hours. Then I want to photograph the pieces (better than my iPad can do, which I’ve included here as a quick preview) so I can add them to my website and apply for art shows with the new works. The series will continue with even more larger works too. I was able to borrow a projector to use so that I can project images onto larger paper to assist with drawing the figure at the right size and proportion before i fill in all the blocks on top. Perhaps I’ll have things to show next week or so with those. I hope you all had a great end of year, and wish everyone good things for 2012. Who knows what’ll happen, right?






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