Finished! (one thing at least)

So I’m very pleased that with minimal delays, I actually finished the series of larger-sized “balance” drawings that I started in France. I painted the ink in the last few blocks do the final images to make the total for that part of the series 10! Now I’ll be working on photographing them and putting all my new work on my website. A website overhaul is also in order, but I’m feeling a little shy with regards to that and think I may wait longer. I have a bunch of other ideas to push these blocks farther, but alas, so much less time now. So these ideas fester in the back of my head while I try to make time, or finish the other things I started so I can focus on the new ideas. I always want to start them all at once, but I never get far that way!

I also read the book I Bought Andy Warhol by Richard Polsky, a pretty interesting book on his experiences as an art dealer, the people he brushed elbows with, his quest for an Andy Warhol painting, and the craziness of auctions. It was entertaining and enlightening, but also made me slightly sad regarding the art world and secondary market. With so many artists out there, we all want to share our work and get good shows, but some of this will always be governed by our earning potential, and while some collectors buy your work because they like it, some buy it for resale value or investment, which removes the artist entirely from the picture, makes the art a commodity, and the artist doesn’t benefit (at least directly) from high auction sales because that money goes to the seller, not the maker. I don’t think any of my work will be an auction draw anytime soon, if ever, but it’s weird to think of the pieces I so lovingly made, conceptualized, and shared be traded like a car or poker chip to someone who doesn’t try to unravel the layers of it at all. We as artists so rarely think of the owners of our pieces since they are so abstract. The book made me think about the marketplace and my place in, or out, of it. I hope that people are always interested in my art for what it has to say besides dollar signs.

Enjoy the new work!








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