Progress, slowly but surely

I’ve definitely found it difficult to have as much time for my artwork as when I was at my residency, but am working to still push and complete the ideas I developed there. The small series of collages that combined images of the body with pottery vessels are my current task. I have four more collages in the works, nearly done. I am currently cutting out the parts, then will decide how I want them arranged. Then it’s gluing! I’m excited to get these done so I can move to some new ideas. I am about to start some large scale block drawings using life size body drawings, a mixture of realistically drawn elements with outline silhouettes. I’m very excited to start these and see where they take me.

In other news:
I’m reading Richard Polsky’s next novel, I Sold Andy Warhol too soon!… Amusing so far. But I’m glad I don’t make my living buying and selling artwork with a price tag of hundreds of thousands of dollars. Selling from a gallery is one thing, but dealers have to purchase the art first and hope to sell it for enough to eke a profit, and it’s sort of like gambling on musical chairs. Whoever is left with a painting when the music stops or changes on the market and you’ve got a very expensive paperweight. That’s why I like the concept of buy what you like and keep it.

Website is updated! I’m still planning an overhaul in the future to make it a little cleaner, but for now all my artwork from France is up on the site. Explore it! www.jenniferhines.net



Print Zero Studios Chicago is nearly 100% up and running. I spent some time there this weekend painting, and I coated my first copper plates with hard ground. That means I am ready to draw some imagery, then can etch and print my first etchings in over eight years. How exciting!

Okay, off to be creative.


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