Newspaper feature and new work

It’s in! The Nothin Less Newspaper, a Logan Square community newspaper, has featured me and my work on a full spread! The article has my artist statement, bio, and some information about my work, exhibitions, and projects. It came out Friday, so you can still find it at Nothin Less Cafe in Logan Square, or other neighborhood haunts. Hope you all get a chance to see it, but for those who can’t, here’s a few images.




I also finished a small series of collages that I started in France involving my idea of “balance” with pottery vessel shapes. I showed some in progress pictures of them previously, but now I have finished them and made a few more that are related but use the bricks instead. Onscreen they probably don’t appear like collages, so the layering and overlapping I’d the pieces is subtle and understated.

I also had the opportunity to print at my new print shop, Print Zero Studios Chicago. I haven’t had the facilities for etching for so many years I worried I forgot how to do it, but so far it went without a hitch. I have some leftover zinc plates that I’ve been carrying around with me for years, so I am starting some drypoint drawings on them, which means I don’t need to etch them in acid. In the future, I have some copper plates I can use in our shop to do full etchings using the acid to create more complex and permanent lines in the plate. I’m very excited to develop some new bodies of work using printmaking! Stay tuned…






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