Website update, finally

So after years of completing my website structure and updates using Frontpage 2000 (yes, you heard right), and after quite a while of harboring a desire to make my site more modern, functional, and more usable, it’s finally time. With the introduction of new web languages and browsers, mobile Internet viewing, and the like, my old clunky website is finally breaking… Goodbye frames and Frontpage, hello Dreamweaver! So some frustration earlier in the week of broken structure on my website finally prompted me to work on finishing the new site this weekend. I’m starting small, making it simple and user friendly in case it ends up not working like I want it to,and I’m removing some of my older work that doesn’t seem relevant to my current bodies of work. So stay tuned, because I hope to upload it tonight, which means that by tomorrow the site will be live, barring any crazy code mishaps or alien landings or the like. Make sure you check it out, and let me know if something doesn’t work right so I can fix it ASAP. Yay! Enjoy! www.jenniferhines.net



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