Upcoming events and projects

Well, with a normal working 8-5 schedule, it’s definitely hard to find the energy to make and finish art in the same way I was able to in France… I miss that. I’m back to the normal struggle of wanting to work on things and finish them quickly, but finding that it’s a week or two later and it looks like I have a long way to go… This morning I woke up with ideas for sketches in my head so plan to do some of those this morning, and then work on some larger drawings I plan to show later in the month. I have a few things going on right now:

-I have three drawings from my Untitled Plants series, which is a few years old, and three drawings from my new series Untitled Abstractions, which I worked on in France, in a show titled The Natural World at swell gallery in West Dundee, Illinois. The show will be up through March 31. swell gallery website

-I was selected to be published in a book by Sprocketbox Entertainment! The book is titled “Face, Figure, and Identity” and will be due out this summer. More on that to come.

-Flourish Studios in Chicago is hosting an event titled “I am Beautiful” that will take place in April. Artists from around Chicago will create letters to spell out “you are beautiful”, I will be making the letter ‘B’. The letters will be in a large scale display in the room, so mine will be several feet in size. I plan to create a letter out of fabric pieces, sort of a quilt-like style, with lace edging. I will probably start sewing that this week.

-I was also selected to participate in the Chicago Fringe Artist Networking Night. It’s a night of arts events at Red Tape Theater in Chicago and I’ll be showing some of my large-scale blocks drawings from my balance series. I only have one of these done and plan to create new drawings for the event April 14. These are large and take a bit of time to do, so I plan on getting started today!

That’s all for now… I’ll have pictures for you next time of the series of drawings I’m almost finished with…stay tuned!


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