Figures filled with blocks

I’m preparing my artwork for the two upcoming shows I am participating in: the Chicago Fringe Artists Networking Night, where I’m showing large-scale figure silhouettes filled with blocks, and I Am Beautiful, an event where I am creating the letter “B” to spell out “You Are Beautiful” with other Chicago-area artists. Both events are mid-April, so I have a few more weeks to get my artwork done and delivered. The last few days I have been filling figures, large scale at around four feet wide, with tiny blocks, and today I started coloring them in. Coloring takes much longer than drawing them, but I still hope to finish the series of four and pick my two favorites to shown at the Fringe night. Here are a few pictures.

In addition, I was accepted into a juried show at the Gloria Singletary Gallery in Lexington, Kentucky for April/May titled “Animal Facts, Fairy Tales, and Fictions”. I will be showing two of my newer pencil drawings from my Flora and Fauna series that I finished in France that depict the human body with animal parts attached.

I also decided I would like to start an artist trading card exchange by mail. Any artist can participate, they just have to mail 9 handmade artist trading cards, baseball-card sized mini works of art, to me and I will facilitate an exchange. So an artist mails in 9 cards of their own work and receives by mail 9 cards by other artists with contact information. I’m hoping it will bridge the solitary gap of artists who work in isolation, and help form contacts and knowledge of other artists and techniques. So participate! You can find information on this blog under the page Artist Trading Cards (or at the link https://jenniferhinesart.wordpress.com/artist-trading-cards)





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