More art on show!

Hello again! I have finally finished my first series of large-scale silhouette pieces, a series of four body outlines filled with blocks. The blocks were drawn in pencil and then colored in, and I’m pleased with the series of four. Two of this series will be on show this weekend, April 14, at the Chicago Fringe Artists Networking Night at the Red Tape Theatre, which is an event that combines visual artists and performers to show some Chicago talent. I’m excited to show these pieces as I just finished them and no one has seen them outside of this house. I’ll post pictures when I have them.

I also will be displaying my work in two other Chicago-based shows:

-Five of my balance series of drawings will be on show at the Northcenter Art Festival this weekend (April 13-15) at Prak-sis or a nearby Northcenter location. Again, this will be the first time this series of works will be shown and they are freshly framed, wired, and ready to show the world!

-I will also be showing a small series of four water-media paintings that combine tea-stains with watercolor paintings of plants growing from the stains, as if the natural herbs and plants from the tea are a base and soil for fantastical plants and imagery. The pieces will be part of the Mad Tea Party exhibition at Lucid Art Lab at 1950 W North Ave. I have never shown these pieces either–they stemmed from an old series titled Tea Rorshach in which I created shapes using only tea as my medium. I took these shapes and painted on them, changing them into an entirely new series of works. See the attached photos.

I also am nearly done with another series of drawings that I’m titling “pits”. They utilize outlines of the body and the negative space that those shapes create, making a “pit” for blocks to fill in. I’ll post pictures as I finish them. Next I will do another series of similar large-scale silhouette drawings but combine life-like drawing of the body and face, as well as three-dimensional blocks rather than flat shapes. Sounds like a challenge! And I have some artist trading cards on the horizon as well–entries for my artist trading cards project are coming in, and trades will be happening as I accrue more entries to send back out. Send in your cards! See my Artist Trading Cards page to see more about it!


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