Things to come

The last time I updated my blog, I was involved in and preparing for quite a few shows and things around town, so I have been pretty busy this last month! I also have since finished my large-scale silhouettes, see pictures below! I showed them at the Red Tape Theater for the Chicago Area Artists Fringe Networking Night, and they looked great on the wall! I got some interesting feedback from visitors as well. Today I will be hooking up the projector and starting another series of these. They take a very long time to fill in, so I imagine I will be working on these for the next few months.

I also have some smaller handmade books and drawings using similar imagery on the horizon that I hope to start this week. I admit I’ve taken some time off this month, but I’m inspired to begin a routine and schedule, including designated days and times for artmaking and for going to the print studio to create some new bodies of print-based work.

I’m also trying to facilitate an ongoing artist trading cards exchange–for more information on this, please see my page on this blog dedicated to the exchange (https://jenniferhinesart.wordpress.com/artist-trading-cards).


Lately I have been working hard to get my artwork into some local and near-local shows and have had some success! Upcoming shows include:



Ground Teeth, Offwhite, Chicago IL: This show on May 18 will feature my Anger and Frustrations, A Personal Inventory sculptural piece.

Genius Loci: Learning from Nature’s Muse, Brushwood at Ryerson Woods, Deerfield IL: This show will feature two more recent bodies of work. My Untitled Abstractions series is a series of very simple nature-based drawings that were created during my residency in France last November. I’m so happy to show them! I also have the opportunity to create an installation using my Forest photos in a room with shelves, nature dioramas, and my ceramic sculptural trees. I’m excited to see how these look in the space! This show opens July 8 in Deerfield.

Paused (Stop, Look, Listen), Milwaukee Avenue Arts Festival, Chicago IL: This show is part of the yearly Milwaukee Avenue Arts Festival on Milwaukee Avenue through the Logan Square area of Chicago. I will be recreating some older sculptures titled Halted Moments that are plaster shells of my body in particular poses. The festival will take place July 20-22, 2012.

Drawn & Quarto, Abecedarian Gallery, Denver CO: This show in the fall will combine my drawing works with some newly created books from my balance body of work. Stay tuned for more information!


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