Visiting the galleries

I have been very busy lately doing artwork, but also seeing what’s at some of the local galleries and museums. Yesterday I went to the Art Institute and enjoyed seeing the Roy Lichtenstein exhibit. It had many bodies of his work, including some early pieces that showed his discovery of using dots and patterns for color and shading, and the progression was nice. Overall I was pleased with the show, except for one room that seemed misplaced. All the rooms of the exhibits were split up by bodies of work, and one room was an Art History room where pieces that Lichtenstein created paying homage to many well known pieces and artists. While this room was grouped thematically, it was very different aesthetically and overall didn’t impress me with the hanging of the works or the pieces themselves.

Another thing I saw at the Art Institute was a show by Heisler, a Czech artist in the photography room downstairs. The artist was a surrealist who did photo montages and collages juxtaposing elements that were visually surprising together. He also had a series of hand-colored photographs that he made by drawing with a substance on glass, then photographed the substance. Very interesting! Here’s the link: http://www.artic.edu/aic/exhibitions/exhibition/heisler

Also went to the west loop to the galleries a couple weeks ago and saw great shows at three walls, Western Exhibitions, and Rhona Hoffman, and Carrie Secrist… More on that later


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