Galleries, take two

So I didn’t have time to give an update on all the gallery shows I saw a couple weeks ago, some of which are still up!

three walls has a great installation by A. Laurie Palmer titled Still, yet, else, further, again that involves being hoisted up towards the ceiling in a chair to look within a large wood construction… it’s worth a visit, and gives a very individual experience because only one person can be raised up at once. It also makes the gallery sitter work hard, which may make you feel happy or guilty (or both)… check it out here: http://three-walls.org/programs/threewallssolo/a-laurie-palmer.php. I felt like this was one of the better things that I’ve seen at three walls in recent years, it made good use of the space, and it intruded on my space as a viewer, which ultimately left me with a memorable experience of interacting with the art and gave me a new perspective.

Also walked over to Alderman Exhibitions, where a textile-based exhibit by Christy Matson was on display. The pieces were a mix between abstract paintings utilizing triangles and other repetitive geometric shapes, as well quilting, since the artist took inspiration from both. See the show here: http://www.aldermanexhibitions.com/Alderman_Exhibitions/Christy_Matson.html

Saw a few galleries at 835 West Washington as well, which contains Kavi Gupta gallery, among a few others. The Scott Reeder show looked to be promising, and visually was interesting from afar… When I got close and could tell that the artist just spray painted around pasta noodles, for some reason that ruined the abstract nature of the pieces and made them seem contrived. If that was the intent of the artist, they didn’t end up working for me. See the link here: http://kavigupta.com/


Enough about galleries… I have also been spending a decent amount of time starting some new series of work that build further on my overarching “balance” theme. I created two small series of drawings that functioned similar to a visual diary. If each block symbolizes something we are encountering, dealing with, or processing, than in a drawing, each block can be a reflection of something that has happened, with the accumulation of those blocks different for each day based on what I encountered. So this small series of drawings are studies in the concept of visual journaling. I hope to explore them more soon. The two series I am showing some drawings from here are two types of “journals”, one is black and white blocks with text of some of the things encounters, and one is a mix of color and black and white where the colored ones are date-stamped with the day they represent. Here are some pictures of these two drawing series from my studio:

I am also prepping parts and pieces to start a series of paintings on wood panel, a series of photos that will show wood blocks in various balancing acts, and some collage pieces using photographic images with collaged paper and drawn elements. I’m excited to get all of these started, as well as continue drawing some of my large-scale drawings, four of which I have already sketched out and just need to sit down to press on. I had hopes of finishing some more smaller things first before taking up the time for the larger pieces. All of these pieces have the capacity to be shown this summer and fall as I continue to line up local and national shows for the work. More on that once I have confirmations and dates for those exhibits. Stay tuned!


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