Accordion books are in the works!

Summer is in full swing, and with the heat of Chicago, as well as no air conditioning in the art room home studio, art has been slow in coming. I did have the opportunity to show some sculptures at the Milwaukee Avenue Arts Festival a few weeks ago in a show called Paused: Stop, Look, Listen and got a lot of feedback and positive comments. The pieces I showed were recreations of two drape sculptures from my Halted Moments series and they were life-sized body casts made from woven blankets and plaster. It was interesting revisiting work that I created over five years ago, and I’m glad it worked out, was a conversation starter, and in the end looked great, even if I did have to awkwardly carry these life-size sculptures across the street and into the park and tent where they were shown and got quite a few strange looks. I’m used to it now, ha ha.

I finished my Print Zero Print Exchange 8 print (and actually just picked up my prints today), and was so happy with the “balance” drypoint mixed with xerox transfer and hand coloring that I did, I decided to do a series of four of them. Two will be a little larger, one is the print exchange print, and the last one is the same size as that one but with a different plate and figure. I find I have a hard time NOT working in series and suites, perhaps because I feel that I instantly have a small and cohesive body of work.

On the table now (literally) are eight accordion books that I’m working on. They are part of my balance series and are composed of sheets of ivory colored Strathmore paper that are 4″ wide and nearly 40″ long, folded down to be around 8″-10″tall when the accordion fold is closed. They are made by digitally printing my body near the bottom of the long sheet, then drawing and coloring in hundreds of blocks that are balanced balanced on my back or other area of my body, stretching all the way up the 40″ vertically. I’m reminded of Shel Silverstein’s poem about Sally who would not take the garbage out. I’ve finished two already, see pictures, and plan to work on the remaining six in the next couple of weeks.

I also plan to finish the series of drypoints that are similar to my Print Zero print exchange image, and have been thinking very obsessively about doing a photo and video series that will further explore the idea of balance. I’m pretty excited about what I have on the horizon. I’m very excited about my current work and ideas and hope I can eke out some time in this busy life to do what I love and can’t stop doing. Stay tuned!







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