Holiday happenings

I’m sad that the holiday weekend is nearing its end, but the long weekend and extra day off did allow me some time to finally finish my series of eight accordion books based on my balance series of art. Each book has a digital image of a body on it, balancing thousands of drawn and colored blocks in a tall pile on top of the body. The books are each is about 4″ wide, but nearly 4′ long, and when they fold up appear to have a smaller pile balanced, but as the book is unfolded, the true size of the pile being balanced on the body is visible. I’m really happy with how this series came out, am glad they are finished and suitable to show, and am glad to show two of them in the Drawn and Quarto show at Abecedarian Gallery in Denver, CO in October.

Next on the agenda are a series of photographs and another series of small drawings similar to these balance books I just finished. To be started either today or tomorrow.

I also went to the Art Institute of Chicago today to see the last day of the Lichtenstein exhibit, and we certainly weren’t the last ones to be there, although the exhibit itself wasn’t too crowded inside. It was a great exhibit overall, and I was really inspired by his later works where his style was broken up a little, less predictable, and he took a few more risks. Another exhibit I would recommend is the drawing exhibit Rarely Seen. It had a bunch of drawings from the museums collection that aren’t displayed as often. There was a large variety, some by well know artists and a great room of a local artist, and some amazing pieces! Worth a visit for sure…

Art exhibits where you can see my work coming up is the Transit Printmaking Residency Fundraiser show, to open at I Am Logan Square Gallery this September/October, Modular 22 at Gallery 22 in Berwyn IL, and I’m sending a huge selection of my books arts and drawings, both old and new, to Abecedarian Gallery in Colorado for the Drawn and Quarto show. Enjoy these pictures of my finished books!









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