Drawing series

Hello! I am currently working on a lot of small series of small drawings 12″x12″ or smaller. I have two series already, called my narrative series, and I like them so much I decided to make many more series of small drawings. I have already finished one, and have two other series drawn that are just awaiting color. In the end, I will have between 8-12 series of drawings, and I hope to show them all in clusters, intermixed and hung directly on the wall with magnets, sort of a montage of these small little intimate interludes. It was worth it to me to continue to explore this imagery and symbols on a small scale before devoting the many weeks it will take me to work on the large-scale drawings I have in mind to do. But I wanted to post a few pictures of one of these recently finished series titled “Impossible Mountains”…. more to come…


Also saw a great show, Lilli Carre and Alexander Stewart at Roots and Culture in Chicago (http://www.rootsandculturecac.org/). The show had a series of these great and simple mixed media works on paper, utilizing black paper, pale colored pencil strokes, very textured xerox imagery cut into pieces… all around a great collage and drawing mix that dealt with positive and negative space, the clean background of the paper, and they were very playful. In addition, there was a great stop-motion video that was like a video drawing, showing pencil strokes moving, playing, interacting with each other. It was fascinating, even for someone who doesn’t watch much video work. Also in store was a piece that combined two slide projectors, one blue and one red, with hand-cut stencilled slides that projected color text and shapes on the wall. The projectors ran at different speeds, so the way in which the two images played off each other was random, and created very interesting juxtapositions. I highly recommend the show!

On that note, I am off to make more art!


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