End of the Year Musings…

2012 is nearly at an end, and it’s been over a year since I had my wonderful sojourn in France and where I started my “balance” series of artworks. While I have come a long way, I have also been frustrated with my progress now that I have a life to work around. An artist residency is a perfect way to make us all become full-time artists, because now that’s all I want to do. But, we plod on, trying to balance our lives with our responsibilities and our desires. Which is exactly what my art is about, trying to balance all the things we see, feel, experience, or have to complete in a day. It can be overwhelming just living life and trying to move toward our dreams, but we keep trying. That’s what’s important.

Despite my busy year and the holidays, I did manage to finish some new small drawings to add to my series. I have a total of 5 series of small “narrative” drawings, all of similar size and imagery but focusing on different aesthetics or restrictions. I plan to continue in this vein to create more series of small works, and then hang them all together in clusters to mimic the “stacking” concept that the work centers on. So here are a few images from the last two series of small drawings I just finished. Two of the larger sized ones, “fills”, will be featured in the Yellow Bookstore’s zine for the coming month (January 2013, http://theyellowbookstore.tumblr.com/). I’m very excited to have my work featured since these images are BRAND NEW and I just finished them last week.

I also had the opportunity to publish some older work, images from my photograph series “Windows”, in two online and printed journals:Urban Confustions, “Domesticity”, January 2013, http://urbanconfustionsjournal.com/current-issue/
Inkwell Magazine, volume 12: “Home”, http://www.inkwellmag.com
The volumes should be available sometime in January. Thanks to both for featuring me!

I’m working on a website update to include more images of my most recent work, so stay tuned. And have a happy new year!


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