Updated website and new shows…

Hello everyone! I have updated my website to include images of my new work in the “Balance” series, so please check it out!

Main website: http://www.jenniferhines.net/

New work gallery: http://www.jenniferhines.net/gallery-balance.html

I was also accepted into a few new shows where my art will be featured:

I will be showing three of my pieces from an older series titled Tea Rorschachs, which combine blogs and shapes made using tea and tea bags what were then painted over to create plants and natural images. Three of these pieces will be shown in the Jasmine and Joe: The Art of Coffee and Tea at Marnie Sheridan Gallery in the Harpeth Hall School in Nashville. The show curators chose one of my images for the postcard and advertisements as well, so I’ve included the image below. The show runs February through April.

Jasmine&Joe_x6.125 Jasmine&Joe-ArtsMagWinterAd_half

I also had two images from my body scan series, where I scanned myself using a desktop scanner to explore the surface of the skin and intimacy, accepted into the show Head to Toe: The Art of the Human Figure at Era Living Art in Seattle and will be displayed at the University House in Wallingford from the end of February through June.

JHines02-fetal JHines05-hold

I will also be participating in a postcard exchange for the Winter 2013 Exchange for the Postcard Collective. I will be sending out postcards to over 20 other artists, and I’ve chosen to send postcards that depict my Untitled Plant drawings, as shown below. I will receive a postcard from each of the artists who are participating, so I’m excited to see what I get in return! More information about the collective can be found on their website: http://www.postcardcollective.org/.

JHines03-UntitledPlant4 JHines04-UntitledPlant5

And lastly, I am happy to announce the return of my curatorial vision of back room projects, which was an apartment gallery that I hosted in my old apartment that focused on curating site-specific installations and ran from 2010-2011 until I moved to a new apartment and lost the space. I am launching a new venture, back room projects presents, that will still focus on site-specific installations, but with a new mobile venue. back room projects presents will be a mobile gallery that will take place in a briefcase that will pop-up in various places in the city and be announced on twitter and Facebook. The inaugural show will be in combination with the 2nd Floor Rear Arts Festival, taking place along the Blue Line corridor in Logan Square and beyond on February 9-10. back room projects presents will pop up in an as-yet-to-be-determined location in Logan Square with an interactive installation. Stay tuned for location and timing for the 2nd Floor Rear festival, but also for calls to artists and future shows this spring and summer! More information about the festival can be found on their blog site: http://2ndfloorrear.wordpress.com/



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