Back from a long break, new typography work

Hello everyone! I admit I have taken a large break from blogging and from showing my artwork. With moving to a new house, not having a studio set up, having my mind elsewhere, starting a new job, and just all around not feeling energized about my artwork of late, I took so much needed time to recenter myself and my desires. I have enjoyed making things for my new home and decorating it in new and exciting ways, as well as painting and doing other home-repairs.

That being said, I have also started doing some new creative work, centering on my love of the written word. I’ve always included a lot of word and type in my artwork, so I am currently learning calligraphy and am exploring hand-drawn typography and lettering projects. This has been a great learning experience, and a terrific way to use my creative energy in a way that I can fit into my hectic schedule.

Usually I start with some pencil sketches, outlining what I’d like to do. Then I build on those, and tighten them up into a stronger composition. When I have my final pencil sketch, then I have been inking it with some nice technical pens. Sometimes I ink portions separately so that when I scan them in, I can layer them better. The pictures below are from the first lettering project I’ve ever done, based on the quote from Apollo 13, “Houston, we have a problem.”

HoustonWeHaveAProblem-edited  HoustonWeHaveAProblem-details

The finished inked piece can sometimes stand on its own, but I have also been exploring doing colorization on the computer. To do this, I have been scanning in the inked drawing, and then transferring it into a vector image in Illustrator. This just means that I make my drawing editable on the computer! Below is an example of what the inked work looks like after I put it on the computer and add color and layers. It changes the look a lot!


After deciding on the layout and colors I like and fine-tuning any portions that didn’t come through well when I inked it or scanned it into the computer, I bring the drawing into Photoshop and add more complex textures and coloring before I call it done. Below is the same drawing edited in Photoshop–you’ll see some complexity and textures added in, as well as some color shifts and other details.



I plan to continue sharing these projects as I go, and I’m aiming to get a couple of drawings done per month. They have been extremely fun to create and I’ve been enjoying working with my hands again on something creative. I hope you will enjoy them as I continue to post them!


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