New typography work, “maybe”

Over the last few months, I’ve been creating hand drawn lettering typography pieces, which I’ve been posting on tumblr. I thought I would post them here as well, so I’m working on catching up on some of my finished pieces I completed previously. I have picked a variety do words and phrases so far. I’ve really been enjoying making these since they combine drawing with my hands and my graphic design skills…

This one is the word “maybe”, which was very fun to illustrate. I chose the word because the word can have so many different textures depending on where and how it is used…this is the first of a series of similar words I hope to create.

I went through many sketches and illustrations on this one, perfecting the letter shapes, decorations, and placement before I had it ready to ink.
This is the inked drawing.


Next I put my inked sketch on the light table and drew some textures that would fit into the letters. I usually do 2-3 of these specific to each drawing, plus I have some more hand drawn textures that I created and scanned in that I can use. Here’s a sample of one I did for this drawing.


I scanned in both my ink drawing and the custom textures into the computer. I brought the ink drawing into Adobe Illustrator, vectorizes it, and then added color and shadows. Then the image came into Photoshop, where I added the texture, adjusted the colors and textures, and added complexity to the flat vector shapes. And here you’ll see the finished piece!



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