Save it for a Rainy Day

This summer was very rainy in Chicago, but I was inspired to make this typography piece just by the words rather than the weather. I had a fun time using ink to make water textures, and giving it an overall blue-ish cast. This was another piece that I composed and drew by hand, and then scanned into the computer, vectorized it, and added color and textures. I’m pretty happy with the finished piece!

Here is the initial scan from my drawing, some pencil textures to go inside the lettering, and some additional pencil and crayon textures for the backgrounds.

save-it-for-a-rainy-day_originalScansave-it-for-a-rainy-day-texture-pencilsave-it-for-a-rainy-day-texture-crayon save-it-for-a-rainy-day-texture-inkwash

And here’s the final image… added some additional inky wash textures for the background and water droplets…


Happy splashing!


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