Would You Like to Join My Crew?

This typography piece is based on a quote from The Life Aquatic, where Steve Zissou invites his son Ned to join his crew. This drawing was actually the first typography piece I created, and originally I had done it as a stand-alone drawing, not really planning to scan it into the computer and colorize it. So when I decided I would like to bring it into the digital realm, it was much more difficult because I hadn’t planned it out when drawing it and many of the lines and shapes didn’t transfer to digital well without additional editing. So this one took me a long time.

The original ink drawing is actually pretty polished in black and white, but I was able to make it much more rich and complex by adding color and textures on the computer.


After scanning in the drawing, I brought the image into Illustrator, vectorized it, and added color.


Then I brought the vector image into Photoshop, created some textures using crayons and ink, scanned them in, and combined them all into the finished piece.


Here is the finished piece with the colors and textures added… feel free to click on it to zoom in!



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