“And Love & !” Typography piece

A while back, a friend and I visited the Museum of Contemporary Art in Chicago to go to a Word Fest event, where the whole museum was taken over by word-based things, performances, and activities. Not only did I win free tickets to a show at the MCA Theater while we were there, but we also got to play with letterpress thanks to the live letterpress printing that Spudnik Press had available at the museum. Visitors actually got to compose a letterpress print, get it printed, and take it home. They had a somewhat limited selection of letters and symbols, and of course some were already taken by others who were participating, but my friend and I took it upon ourselves to plan a composition. And it was “AND {heart} & !”. We didn’t end up getting to print our print that day, but as a result of our little typographic play, I made a typographic drawing using the same phrase.

Here is the initial drawing. I ended up deciding to add a few details after the fact, including the curvy border and the script “love” text inside the heart.


Here is the vector image. I did a lot of work on the computer on this one, since I wanted the arrow and exclamation point to look like old lit signs with metal edging. I also added a background in Illustrator in the vector portion to make it look like it was on an old sign.


Here are my pencil textures, added to the finished vector graphic above in Photoshop…


And finally, the final Photoshop finished piece! I’m pretty happy with how the shadows and textures came out on this one. One of my favorite pieces! Click on the image to enlarge… and enjoy!



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