Make Your Home Your Nest

Here is another typography piece I did that took me quite a bit of time. The detailing that I wanted in the eggs and nest were difficult, but rewarding, to draw.

Here is the initial sketch. Because I knew I was going to digitize the outer border, I only drew it once, then was able to copy and alter it in Illustrator to make a frame around the edges.


Next I brought that sketch into Illustrator, vectorized it, and added colors and layers. The background I knew I would do in Photoshop, so the background in the Illustrator file is white.


I then brought this vector drawing into Photoshop, one layer at a time. I created some textures by hand using crayons, ink, and pencils and scanned those in as well. Here are the textures I created separately that all ended up being combined in the finished product. You’ll see that I have some line details for the nest that I drew separately, knowing I wanted the texture of the nest to be very complex in the finished product.

MakeYourHomeYourNest-initialScan-details     textures1  textures-ink-brush

I combined all of these textures and layers, adjusted the color, added some hand-painted elements and textures, added a background, and Voila! Here is the final drawing! Please click on it to zoom in and view larger.




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