And They Lived Happily Ever After typography work

This drawing was something I actually did over the summer, but am just getting to posting now. I made it in the spirit of two of my favorite people, who were getting married. I spend a lot of time on the layout, and finally decided on a wreath-like border as shown in my final sketch below. I scanned this into the computer and brought it into Illustrator for coloring.


Here is the final vector image, with color added. I had a hard time with colors on this one, but ended up settling on the colors that my friends chose for their wedding. Originally I wasn’t planning on having it so closely linked to their wedding–that was just the inspiration. But after being very indecisive on the coloring and not liking any of the combinations I had tried, I realized the answer was staring me in the face with three colors I already knew looked nice together: lemon yellow, tangerine, and turquoise/light teal.


I made some pencil and crayon textures to add to the finished piece, one of which is shown here:


And then I brought it all into Photoshop. Here I was able to make the lettering, textures, and colors more complex. I also added a background. I ended up liking the finished piece so much that I printed it and sent it to my friends as part of their wedding gift, since it was inspired by them.  Please click on the image to see an enlarged view.




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