Go Team Snickerdoodle! (high five!)

This typography piece is based on an inside joke between my husband and I. We like to make snickerdoodle cookies late at night on weekends, being our favorite cookies, and I have a super easy recipe from my 6th grade home-ec class that I still love. And so it is, sometimes, we get a hankering for some snickerdoodles, and migrate to the kitchen to make them together. Somehow we dubbed ourselves “Team Snickerdoodle”, and this moniker ended up being applied to other situations outside of the kitchen… we find the shortest, quickest line at the store? Go Team Snickerdoodle, high five! (followed by an actual high five). We beat out a large table at a restaurant and get seated before them? Go Team Snickerdoodle, high five! Basically any spurt of luck or chance that works in our favor, Team Snickerdoodle deserves some recognition…

In honor of this fun little joke, I made a typography piece that I plan to print out and hang in our kitchen. So here is the initial inked sketch I made. Snickerdoodle cookies are to take the place of the two “O’s” in Snickerdoodle…


Followed by the vector image where I added color. I knew the texture and color of the cookies would be added in Photoshop, so here they are very flat.


Here I made some pencil, crayon, and ink textures to add to the piece.

details    crayon     ink       pencil

And of course, some images of snickerdoodles so I could get the color and texture right…

2014-11-04 21.07.44 2014-11-04 21.06.35

In the end, with all of this combined in Photoshop, with textures added, colors adjusted, and complexity attained, here is the finished piece. Hooray! Go Team Snickerdoodle, high five!



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