Possibly, a new typographic work

Hello! I had the pleasure to create another typographic work illustrating the word “Possibly” and to utilize some fun doodling of spirals around the word. After I completed my piece for the word “maybe” a while back (posted in a previous post), I decided to do a bunch of different single words of similar meaning, so that led me to possibly, among others. I wanted the page to be full of spiral-like shapes, like vines, and the letters to mimic those forms, but also wanted the text to appear thicker than the spirals so that they stood out and didn’t get lost in the background.

After making some fun pencil sketches, here is the finished inked sketch.


I scanned this into the computer and vectorized it in Adobe Illustrator, adding color and finalizing the composition. Here is the final vector image, ready to get imported into Photoshop for adding texture and complexity.


I created some hand-made textures that I added into the Photoshop file, below.

IMG   IMG_002

Then, through some Photoshop magic, here is the finished piece! It reminds me of a story-book title or divider page, and I had a lot of fun with the spirals and background on this one. Hope you enjoy!



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